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Why choose Dr. Scheier and Cape Cod Sleep Solutions?

  • Dr. Scheier is the only board-certified sleep apnea dentist on all of Cape Cod (only 1% of dentists in the US hold this certification). Since receiving board certification and Diplomate status with the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine our office can work toward more in-network insurance status to assist patients to maximize their insurance benefits.
  • Cape Cod Sleep Solutions is in network with many insurance companies and are a Medicare provider. We also utilize a third party insurance biller in order to decrease the out of pocket expense to patients for out of network situations.
  • Our enhanced software called Dental Sleep Solutions allows for optimum patient tracking and record keeping with regards to the efficacy of our devices, as well as managing side effects.
  • Cape Cod Sleep Solutions utilizes advanced technologies to aid in custom FDA approved device prescription and the optimal setting of that device for each individual patient in order to provide optimal natural breathing during sleep.
  • We are able to facilitate and hasten diagnosis and treatment by working with your physician and partnering with Home Sleep Test companies to more quickly diagnose and start treatment.

4 Easy Steps to a

Restful Night’s Sleep

Sleep Apnea Quiz | Stop Snoring | Cape Cod
1. Take the Sleep Apnea Risk Quiz

Click on the button below this timeline to complete a short online quiz to find out if you might be at risk for sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Consultation | CPAP alternative | South Dennis, MA
2. Request a FREE Consultation

We will have a conversation, provide an evaluation and discuss your options with you. There is no cost, no pressure and no obligation.

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3. Take an At-Home Sleep Test

Be tested for sleep apnea in the comfort of your own bed and avoid the inconvenience of spending the night in a sleep testing lab.

CPAP alternative oral appliance | Sleep Apnea Treatment | Cape Cod
4. Start Treatment

If you're diagnosed with sleep apnea, we will work with you to customize a treatment plan to help you breathe better, sleep better and feel better.

CPAP alternative | Sleep Apnea Treatment | South Dennis, MA

Oral Appliance Therapy

A Convenient Alternative to CPAP

Dr. Scheier will custom fit your FDA approved oral appliance. They fit in the mouth, similar to a retainer or mouth guard. They open your airway by moving your lower jaw and tongue forward while you sleep. They are small, comfortable and effective.

Our Doctor

William J. Scheier, D.D.S.

Doctor Scheier’s passion for providing a solution to his patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea began about eight years ago. With over thirty years of experience in treating patients at Advanced Family Dentistry, he has applied all of his expertise in orthodontics, family dentistry and TMJ treatment to his Dental Sleep Medicine practice.

Doctor Scheier is the only board-certified sleep apnea dentist on all of Cape Cod, holding the status of Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. This governing body, considered the gold standard for clinicians treating sleep apnea, ensures the highest of standards for patient treatment are provided. Dr. Scheier is active in several local and national Dental Sleep Medicine societies and is constantly continuing his education.

Dr. William J. Scheier DDS | Cape Code Sleep Solutions | Sleep Apnea Treatment